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New Partnership with PTC ThingWorx

INS has added PTC ThingWorx to its technology partnerships, further extending INS solution capabilities in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

INS has been a partner of Kepware (a PTC Company) for years. We have leveraged Kepware’s capability to connect to industrial automation devices (such as control systems) and server communications to help provide the foundation for our customer’s industrial data connectivity needs. When PTC acquired ThingWorx (a technology that helps to extend rapid analytics and visibility to real-time data), it made sense to partner with ThingWorx as well.

Having both Kepware and ThingWorx as technology options, combined with the power of GE Digital’s Historian, provides the most comprehensive solution set to our customers, for the transformation of and access to actionable information. It also aligns well with the INS expertise (See Figure 1 below).


ThingWorx will help INS deliver the true value IIoT data. The power of ThingWorx as a framework for analytics, will help industrial customers also learn from past data, understand and predict the future, and make decisions to enhance future outcomes. The capability enables INS to deliver solutions that:

Watch - Monitor edge devices and provide real-time pattern/anomaly detection on real-time data streams.

Predict - Provide automated predictive modeling and operationalization for a variety of different outcomes. Pattern and anomaly detection on real-time data streams.

Adapt - Deliver prescriptive and simulative intelligence that identifies factors that contribute to an outcome and explains how to change a predicted outcome.

Optimize - Automatically operationalize and maintain predictive and simulative intelligence to deliver to end-users.

PTC / ThingWorx

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