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GE Advantage Software Licensing 

GE Licensing1


= Single Activation per product; and Self service for architecture changes
Smarter = Single part number per product

Faster = Electronic Software Delivery with immediate access to software and no legal agreement necessary


 Before migrating to Advantage Licensing, you must remove your existing Proficy License. 

To remove your existing license: 
    - Stop all Proficy products on the computer. 
    - If you have a Hardware key plugged in to the computer, remove it. 
    - If you have a Proficy Software License, uninstall it using the Windows Control Panel.
    - You do NOT need to uninstall previous Proficy Common Licensing software. 

Get the newest Proficy Common Licensing Software.


Online Management - Part1 - Activation

Offline Management - Part1 - Activation

Online Management with a Local License Server

Online Management - Part2 - Refresh

Online Management - Part3 - Return