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Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Cloud to Device

Moving ERP to the cloud and maintaining the ability for production to continue if the connection to the ERP system is lost.

The Results

ge plant applications industrial data visualization

The Challenge

While moving the ERP system to the cloud, the wanted their automated MES system to continue functioning without disruption to production (in the event of a 2-3 day short-term connection loss)

The Solution

A production database and webservices was created to map current schedules, inventories, BOMs, etc. to a “sustainability” data structure that the MES system and other Plant Floor systems could operate for 2-3 days if ERP connection was lost

ge plant applications industrial data visualization

INS3 Tip

Not sure where to start? Start by collecting the time and event series data. Analytics run best with a lot of correlated data and you never know the variable that will be the most important. Or if you’ve got questions, let us help.