Case Study | Real-Time Data

Enabling Operators with Real-Time Data

For this project, INS3 sends data to a Data Lake in the Cloud where they do Predictive Analytics and create Prescriptive Models – we then deliver Reports, Dashboards, Scoreboards, Alerts and KPI’s!

The Results

plant applications with industrial data visualization

The Challenge

As their business grew, they needed to get an increase in the capacity of their current production. Engineers were working on the machines, but they needed to enable the operators.

The Solution

To be able to optimize their processes, they needed to understand it – operators needed visibility of their performance. To give them that, we designed for the key metrics, connected to the PLC for automatic data and gathered manual data.

By focusing the operators on the key metrics they need to control, and keep at a high level, we are able to see continual gains in productivity across our lines, and established a culture of driving to be the best.

- Corey Joshcob, MES Administrator

plant applications with industrial data visualization

INS3 Tip

Not sure where to start? Start by collecting the time and event series data. Analytics run best with a lot of correlated data and you never know the variable that will be the most important. Or if you’ve got questions, let us help.