Digital Transformation brings immediate value with Predictive Maintenance

From Data Rich, Business Value Poor to 50% Gain

Utilizing existing systems and architectures and adding nonintrusive modern tools we improved asset monitoring and existing maintenance systems moving from preventative to condition based and predictive maintenance.

The Results

The Challenge

Current Maximo CMMS was primarily used for preventative maintenance based on time, they wanted improvement and to control costs by moving to a more predictive and condition based solution.

The Solution

Using existing SCADA and Maximo systems, we added INS3’s Monitor to watch real-time data, calculate run-time hours per asset, and other key parameters to alert Maximo to generate work orders on demand.  Operations got full visibility into OEE and Downtime connecting to their process and Historian (GE, OSI, Ignition, or any Historian).

By connecting to a diverse set of inputs in the field, INS was able to apply a Universal Name Space (UNS) to the assets in the field, apply some templates, business rules and workflows.  This allowed for scalability and flexibility in quickly making the system and enterprise level system while not requiring the legacy assets and systems to be replaced. If you want to learn more about Unifying your data for Digital Transformation, click here.

This is just the start of optimizing our maintenance plan. The tools utilized will help in a continuous improvement journey of saving money with little to no additional investment
- SCADA Supervisor