Manufacturing Execution and Visibility

Meet Core MES

Core MESTM (Line Monitor) is a packaged application solution that enables improvements in plant profitability, production visibility, and efficiency. If you’re worried about machine downtime and production loss, this solution can help you understand your data and turn that into business decisions.

Downtime, OEE, Quality, Tack and Trace, Asset Management

Application areas to apply Core MES include but are not limited to: Efficiency Management, Quality Management, Production Management (schedule execution, genealogy & traceability, Dashboards, Reports, Real-time Alerts, ERP integration, and more.

Integrates seamlessly

It works seamlessly with the best-in-class SCADA and Process Historian applications.

Flexible and Modular

Core MES event detection models are modular, add only the functionality you need to. Implement incrementally, standardize, templatize and roll out quickly.


Core MES is a configurable software application designed for a rapid return on existing technology investments.

Maximize Investment

Maximize investments made in existing manufacturing systems by providing open connectivity to automation systems, manufacturing systems, and applications.

What are the benefits of using a MES Solution?

  • Track performance, availability and quality in real-time with dashboards, a large scoreboard and mobile devices
  • Eliminate paper and the overhead, errors, and risk associated with it on the plant floor
  • Pull down orders easily from SAP and track KPI’s like OEE in real-time
  • Digitize production reporting and alert key personnel on variances
  • Have a single view and user interface for SAP, production, quality, labor and maintenance
  • Integrate to any PLC, CNC, test equipment, scales, RFID, etc., have a “black box flight recorder” and enable IoT
  • Simplify all confirmations to SAP and do confirmations automatically from machines

The CoreM System


Algood uses FrameworX as their  factory floor software GUI application for order execution and real-time connection to their cloud-based Microsoft D365 ERP

  • Use Microsoft ERP, GE MES, and Tatsoft FrameworX
  • Converted Entire GUI Application to Tatsoft Frameworx, 2 Plants, 100+ Clients, One redundant pair per plant
  • Tightly integrated to ERP and MES for line efficiency,  order execution, material consumption, label printing, warehouse movements, etc..
  • Actual Consumption, Real time and product losses, Changeover to ERP to better estimate REAL costs.
  • Power of database connectivity and interactive real-time GUI flexibility
  • Plant Survivability Database
  • Dashboards
  • Power of connecting to PLCs
  • Tell the Quality of Peanuts using process data and ML presented in FX Trends and Reports

CASE STUDY: Downtime and other KPIs

CVS uses FrameworX as their  Dashboarding and reporting for KPIs including Downtime, OEE. Security in Mail Order Pharmacy is critical

  • Secure Multi-Plant Enterprise System, local data collection (Edge), cloud/enterprise servers
  • Extensive security screening after GE Proficy applications failed to pass, FX and INS3 Monitor passed security and Veracode
  • FS Edge Gateway communicates to Rockwell and Custom controllers, acts as a Logic Engine to for real-time calculation and data processing
  • FrameworX GUI and Dashboards communicate in real-time with SQL based MES Event Monitor
  • Templated Asset types for Rapid Deployment
  • Trends and Display can interact directly with GE Historian for Time-Series Data Analytics

CASE STUDY: SAP Interface and Scoreboards

Sagento communicates to SAP S/4HANA with their SCADA and MES systems and uses Tatsoft’s FrameworX to Drive Big Screen Scoreboards with KPIs

  • Sargento is a Cheese Processor / Packager
  • Converted their SAP to S/4HANA
  • Interface to SAP via XML files and SQL Linked Server
  • Data includes Batch Number, Material Description, Pallet Pattern, etc.
  • üPallet signal from PLC triggers insert via XML
  • Products and Specifications are published to a SQL table read by SQL based MES
  • FrameworX GUI and Dashboards communicate in real-time with SQL based MES Event Monitor
  • Beginning a project with Advanced Analytics based on data collected in Plant Floor Systems
  • Line Efficiency, Operator Efficiency, Giveaway
  • ERP/Warehouse/MES/Historian System Coordination

CASE STUDY | Real-time Production Monitor

Charter NextGen uses FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX to monitor and present critical production parameters on 58 film lines

  • Replace older difficult to maintain custom system
  • Develop reusable Symbols and Screen Templates to deploy Company, Plant, and Line overview displays.​
  • FrameworX GUI and Dashboards communicate in real-time with machines, manual input and ERP
  • Custom machine driver written with Tatsoft driver toolkit
  • Use SQL based MES enabled efficient rollout to 58 lines across five locations
  • FrameworX connection to Process Historian provides capability for detailed trend analysis
  • Extensive use of dynamic templates.  One line template that self adjust based on how many layers of film
  • DVR Functionality


Can you use my existing MES system and add to it?

In general the answer is yes.  That can be anything from feeding MES with better data, additional MES functionality; adding dashboards, scoreboards, and reports; analytics; and ERP integration.  INS specializing in getting more values out of existing systems, by utilizing a augment not replace, with open and layered technologies to get the most out of your existing investment. 

Do you provide connectors to my ERP?

INS has direct experience and connections with SAP, Microsoft Oracle, and a few others.  The methods have varied from direct connections (such as SAP MII), to simple XML file upload’s and downloads.  We have integrated with the ERP, and even created a Plant Survivability Database to enable the plants to continue to function of the connection to the ERP (typically that is not in the plant) is down for a period of time.

Can I enter manual downtime reasons and split downtime reasons?

Automatically collected data is always the least cost and most accurate.  The reality of manufacturing is there will always be a need for manual downtime reasons.  From the pressing of a cycle stop or e-stop button (there is a reason it was pressed by the person) to the fact that some machines, just do not have signals saying why they went down, to the want for operator comments.  A machine may go down for an issue, then not come up because and operator was on break, so there is a need to split that event.  Sometime you need to merge events, and sometimes you want to ignore micro-stops.  All of these scenarios and more are supported.

We want custom KPIs similar to OEE but a different calculation?

The technologies utilized by INS allow for custom calculation of KPI’s, and even modifications to the standard OEE calculation.  INS has implemented well over 10 different ways to calculate OEE at customers.  The process is define the calculation, verify the raw data sources, and configure the event to calculate the metric from the raw data. 

Can we get a mobile and or web view in to our MES system?

INS partners with world class technology companies that support the latest architectures, including the ability to run on many platforms and architecture.  The tools have a visualization development environment which support the publishing of content to multiple platforms.  For example we can design a scoreboard, and push it out as a web-page, or have it be responsive, changing the layout automatically as it goes from phone, to tablet, to big screen TV.

Can we run MES in the Cloud?

Yes, you can run MES in the cloud.  The most common practices are running the MES as close to the process as possible and inside the plant walls.  It is also common practice to take the information collected by the MES system, and aggregate it in the cloud for reporting, combining with other systems, and doing manufacturing analytics in the cloud.