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Industry 4.0 is all about Digital Transformation that produces positive results, facilitates real-time decision making, and enhances productivity, flexibility, and agility.

What is Industry 4.0?

Simply put, the fourth industrial revolution is the digitizing of manufacturing and using data to make good business decisions.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution with its unprecedented speed and scale allows you to take a more data-driven approach to operations. This data, pulled from your assets, adds value and enables smarter decisions. 

Start with collecting data from machines, sensors, or manual if needed. Modernize and use your current infrastructure if possible. Introduce manufacturing and/or business context to your operations.

Once you have data with some context. You can use simple analytics, AI and machine learning to visualize that data to get more value. Businesses are increasingly looking to analytics to help them separate the signal from the noise in their systems. These new technologies are what provide operators with a way to more intelligently address asset maintenance, process alerts, and operations.

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Industry 4.0 adds intelligence to manufacturing and industrial companies

In a manufacturing plant where IT and OT may operate in information silos or in an organization where processes differ from plant to plant, connecting the data between the teams can be pivotal. That connection enables you to deliver the right information, to the right people, in the right context, all for timelier decisions. This collaborative view helps drive improved production efficiency and cost containment. 

Industry 4.0 powered processes can drive up  yield improvements and reduce waste by 25% or more.

INS3 helps get you there, no matter where you are at on the journey!

Connect to any machine, PLC, or other devices.  Augment what you have store on premise or cloud. Gain visibility from any device, dashboard, scoreboard or mobile.

We help protect your investment in existing SCADA and stored data by architecting a hybrid solution utilizing your existing infrastructure and incorporating new technology where appropriate to save money and enhance data access and longevity. Go thin, mobile, virtualize.

Gain insights into your plant by implementing MES functions like OEE, downtime, track and trace, ERP and more. We’ll get you connected and show you your process in a way that improves your results. 

Start with the problems you are trying solve, look at the data available, determine what is needed, cleanse the data and apply AI and ML techniques.

Connect and collect, store, view and analyze

It’s important to unify the manufacturing data and make all data readily available as needed! This is called a Unified Namespaceand it can be implemented many different ways based on your architecture and needs. Our strategy is to appropriately connect and augment your existing systems with open technologies, not to replace them.  This approach is scalable and flexible to deliver the right solution for your manufacturing problems. 

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Drawing from Industrial Network System’s experience we found some key characteristics of Industry 4.0 Solutions. They are the guidelines for our design approach, software modules, and services by INS3.

Architecture to support Fast

integration and flexible configuration facilitates the adaptability of Industry 4.0. People, machines, processes, and flows of goods are connected easily can be quickly adapted to ever-changing requirements.

People as key players

in Industry 4.0, people are the key players. Work is getting easier, safer and more efficient — enabled through technology — and machines will continue to play the subordinate role.

Virtual real-time representation

of objects interact with each other and with software systems. They enable the real-time analysis of all manufacturing and logistics data and the control of all physical objects.

Open standards

are essential to integrating equipment and software of various vendors into connected solutions. Open standards form the basis for horizontal and vertical integration and the seamless exchange of information.

Safety and Security

for Industry 4.0 includes the protection of people from machinery-related hazards (safety) and the protection of corporate facilities and IT from attacks from the surrounding environment (security).

Connect, Collect, Analyze Data

Aggregating and analyzing all the available data and turning it into actionable information helps to continuously improve the design and manufacturing processes.

Business Benefits of Industry 4.0

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Machine Downtime Reductions
    • Reduce Maintenance Costs by 20%+
    • Increase Availability by 15%+
  • Improved supply/demand attainment
    • Connect to ERP for Real-Time Updates
  • Revenue Gains
ge plant applications

Digital Transformation Readiness Survey

Your existing applications all have valuable data, and almost all applications can benefit from better data and better use of that data. Let’s understand how we can help you convert data to  information to get better results.