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Go Mobile!

Check out an overview of some of our mobile use cases, including applications in Oil & Gas, Agriculture and more.

Application Examples

Download our PDF with Application Examples, highlighting recent examples featuring trending, downtime monitoring, dashboards, scoreboards, and OEE.

plant applications visualization
plant applications visualization

Production and OEE

Read our case study: Production and OEE improvement within an Automated Discrete Process

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About INS3

We can help you:

  • Modernize your HMI/SCADA Architecture
  • Go mobile with your Existing Technology
  • Get more analytics out of your process data
  • Remote VBA Training

What we have been up to besides celebrating our 30th year in business:

  • We continue delivering software solutions and support remotely and securely
  • Core INS Engineering team going strong, 20+ years of experience
  • Continue to build out our PlantIoT Suite – Check out what is new with Monitor!
  • Look for our remote Analytics workshop and new IIot and Historian Technologies in 2021