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Go Mobile!

Check out an overview of some of our mobile use cases, including applications in Oil & Gas, Agriculture and more.

Application Examples

Download our PDF with Application Examples, highlighting recent examples featuring trending, downtime monitoring, dashboards, scoreboards, and OEE.

Production and OEE

Read our case study: Production and OEE improvement within an Automated Discrete Process

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About INS3

We can help you:

  • Modernize your HMI/SCADA Architecture
  • Go mobile with your Existing Technology
  • Get more analytics out of your process data
  • Remote VBA Training

What we have been up to besides celebrating our 30th year in business:

  • We continue delivering software solutions and support remotely and securely
  • Core INS Engineering team going strong, 20+ years of experience
  • Continue to build out our PlantIoT Suite – Check out what is new with Monitor!
  • Look for our remote Analytics workshop and new IIot and Historian Technologies in 2021