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Get Data From Machines Connect to any machine, PLC, or other devices. Augment stored data on prem/cloud. Gain visibility on any display device.

Modernize SCADA & More
Protect your investment in SCADA & stored data. Save money, build longevity, and enhance data access. Go thin, mobile, virtualize.

Get MES and KPIs
Get insights into your plant. Implement MES functions like OEE, Downtime, Track and Trace, ERP Connect & more.

Manufacturing Analytics Solve your problems by looking at the data available, determine what is needed, cleanse the data and apply AI & ML techniques

More than 30 years of solving efficiency, quality, and cost control problems for industrial customers. We solve customer problems by leveraging industry-leading technologies developed by Microsoft, SAP, & many major technologies – experts in such industries as Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing and Industrial.

Pathways Forward to Industry 4.0

Connect to machines, collect data, store the data, and deliver information to the appropriate people, or systems.

Upgrade and migrate existing systems, get them on new servers and OS’s, and move to a more modern architecture. 

Solve manufacturing issues like quality, efficiency, downtime, scheduling, consumption updates to ERP and more. 

Get business results in the form of increased production, predictive maintenance, or cost savings.

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INS has spent years providing our manufacturing and industrial clients with best-in-class solutions to improve overall business performance. By recognizing our clients have individual needs we have successfully applied thousands of software, hardware and training solutions that are focused on collecting, coordinating and synchronizing industrial information throughout the entire enterprise.

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years in business helping our customers solve efficiency, quality and cost control problems. 


completed projects in different industries like Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing and Industrial.


years of combined experience in our Senior Staff, and hundreds more with our team of engineers.