PlantIoT Monitor (Rapid Deployment)

The PlantIoT Monitor is key to unlocking the full performance potential of your manufacturing operations by giving you the ability to gain a real-time understanding of what is actually happening on your plant floor. Monitor gives you the power to share that information with other important decision makers and take action to improve both your production performance and your bottom line.

The foundation of the Monitor application is an easily configurable “plant model” and event notification service. It allows you to define how your products are being manufactured – based on your actual plant layout, along with product specifications and the capability to assign data tags to equipment and events. Monitor generates intelligent KPIs, which allow you to monitor production performance and alarms, to indicate when exceptions to those standards occur. Monitor is based on a flexible, open platform that allows you to modify and customize to your specific needs.

PlantIoT Monitor is rich in capability as it interfaces to your existing plant systems (PLCs, SCADA, DCSs, & Plant Historians) and performs root cause analyses to make data-driven decisions and process improvements. It can combine quality, production tracking and other core manufacturing functions with batch operations – providing a complete picture of plant operations. 

industrial data visualization
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