PlantIoT Portal (Rapid Deployment)

The PlantIoT Portal is an intuitive, quick-time-to-value and easy-to-use data viewing and analysis client. It visually transforms your data into knowledge that can be used to improve your processes, increase quality, and enhance operational efficiency. It empowers operators, engineers, and managers to use a common visualization tool for viewing both real-time and historical process data anywhere, at any time.

PlantIoT Portal makes data visualization easy. View, analyze and annotate trend information simply and quickly in the format you want. Trends are delivered to either a rich desktop as a standard application, a browser, or any mobile device such as phones and tablets. 

PlantIoT Portal can be much more than a trend viewing application. Built on a powerful industrialized development platform, it allows you to take your industrial portal applications to their maximum potential by connecting PlantIoT Portal to any process data Historian (GE, OSIsoft, Wonderware, Rockwell, and more) as well as any SQL or noSQL database. Once connected, develop feature rich user applications. PlantIoT Portal includes graphic symbols, data grids, and data links for dashboard development.

industrial data visualization
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