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Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX offers a robust SCADA engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture, and highly scalable and distributed networking model. Used in a variety of diverse industries, it is ideally suited for many applications – ranging from typical HMI as simple as manual data entry and validation to very complex SCADA such as batch, filtration and distributed alarm management.

This proven software also complies with industry standards, making it ideal as part of a more IT-focused, real-time data management system. Providing a window into your total operations cycle, iFIX enables faster, more intelligent control and visibility into your operations.

Why iFIX?

  • iFIX is a proven scalable solution, which can operate on a single node or scale up to 200+ nodes
  • Although iFIX has the ability to connect to most any device via an OPC server, iFIX also comes with  many standard built in native drivers addressing the need for connecting the major PLC brands
  • iFIX is completely hardware independent and provides the flexibility of communicating with multiple makes of hardware from a single server.
  • The wide variety of prebuilt dynamos, the user-friendly interface of the development ‘Workshop’ environment and the integration with the rest of the Proficy suite enables you to deploy solutions faster than the competition
  • VBA Scripting and .NET component hosting enables easy connections to IT level systems and VBA/.NET are the world’s most used computer languages for industry.
  • Out of the box, you get the best in class, full-featured SCADA system along with enhanced failover and Historian integration that is simple to develop and easy to maintain
  • Upgrading from previous iFIX versions is easy & seamless
  • The e-signature functionality is the best in the business

iFIX delivers:

  • Powerful Supervisory Monitoring and Control
  • True Client / Server Architecture for Easy Scalability
  • Enhanced security and accountability
  • Ease of Use for New and Experienced Users
  • Simplified application integration to Other Software, Systems and Devices
  • Powerful Thin Client Technologies
  • Sophisticated Alarming & Trending
  • OPC Client, Server, and Alarm & Events
  • Native Drivers and OPC Device Connectivity
  • Integration with Change Management
  • 21 CFR Part 11 for regulated industries
  • Flexibility and reliability of connecting and presenting data
  • Scalability from isolated sensor to company-wide integration
  • Best-in-class information analysis, real-time data management and control
  • Adherence to industry standards for improved consistency, quality & compliance
  • A Proficy foundational platform that enables tools for advanced analysis, Work Process Management, operational excellence & more.


CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA is a client/server based visualization and control solution that provides process visualization, data acquisition and supervisory control over manufacturing environments. The result is a solid and reliable data foundation for digitized production management. With CIMPLICITY HMI, operators and engineers have the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their manufacturing environment, equipment and resources.


  • CIMPLICITY is a proven scalable solution for any environment
  • The Digital Graphical Replay add-on feature provides the ability to replay historical events and troubleshoot faster
  • Wide variety of options including SPC
  • Long history of providing enabling tools to upgrade legacy apps (even from unix)
  • .NET scripting support that supports and C# and the ability to run side by side existing Basic scripts
  • Support for 100’s of servers in the architecture
  • Foreground and background task capability
  • Wide variety of native drivers
  • Proficy Tracker integration
  • Historian Integration with support for historian expressions in scripts and animations
  • Zero Configuration full functionality Web Viewer

CIMPLICITY delivers:

  • Powerful full featured client interfaces
  • Capability to extend system easily
  • API access for specific behavior
  • Integration with ERP and other external systems
  • Powerful Visual basic style language
  • Ability to use existing IT infrastructure
  • Ability Map domain users to roles and resources in CIMPLICITY
  • Reduced Administration through innovative features
  • Native drivers and OPC device connectivity

Proficy HMI Cimplicity – Options

  • Action Calendar – Calendar based event control
  • HMI for CNC – Connectivity to Fanuc CNCs
  • Marquee – Display alarm or event messages to marquee devices
  • Pager – Send alarms to paging devices
  • Recipes – Manage and download set points to multiple controllers
  • SPC – Statistical Process Control integrated with alarm management
  • System Sentry – Monitor and alarm off key computer parameters such as memory or disk space
  • WebView – Thin Client for displaying graphic screens
  • Terminal Services – Thin Client for full capabilities including remote development and maintenance
  • VCR – Visual CIMPLICITY Replay provides powerful analysis by replaying logged data back through your screens


Delivering insight through information

Proficy Historian is a powerful enterprise-wide data historian that collects, archives, and distributes tremendous volumes of production information at extremely high speeds.

It quickly provides the granularity of data you need to analyze and solve intense process application problems. Built specifically for process data acquisition and presentation, Proficy Historian delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your operations.

Proficy Historian data management software offers unique capabilities and benefits for a sustainable competitive advantage: 

  • The industry’s highest performing, fastest innovating, time-series data historian
  • Ease of use—won’t take you weeks to set up and figure out
  • Our portfolio of advanced applications  that lets you get far more from your data
  • GE’s global brand reliability and significant investment in the Industrial Internet
  • Proven lower overall total cost of ownership than alternatives

Built specifically for process data acquisition and presentation, Proficy Historian delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your operations. It aggregates islands of information for true process visibility and feeds higher-level operations management systems with accurate, real-time information.

Proficy Historian 6.0 is now available!

Enterprise data management for industrial time-series data

Proficy Historian provides a market-leading distributed architecture, central management and administration, lower storage costs, and a wide range of industry-standard interfaces in a fully integrated solution.

Web-Enabled Proficy Historian Administrator Console

Secured through the use of certificates, HTTPS, and user authentication, the Proficy Historian Administrator Console operates in a web-based environment.

Data Mirroring and Redundancy:

Proficy Historian now provides mirroring of stored data on multiple nodes to provide high levels of data reliability as well as increased read performance. 

Streaming calculation engine

Proficy Historian’s updated calculation engine is optimized for fast processing of time-series process data.


Python Expression support in data collectors

Collector expressions allow data to be pre-processed and/or transformed using Python®, a modern and common scripting language.


  • High availability with data redundancy
  • Continuous and highly scalable data read and write functionality
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Seamless ingestion to Big Data ecosystem (Hadoop- and HDFScompatible file structure)
  • Time-saving dashboard means critical data finds you
  • New Web UI provides “single pane of glass” for administration and analysis accessible anytime, anywhere

Proficy Plant Applications

Proficy Plant Applications (most call it “Plant Apps”) is ironically one single software package and a key part of the Proficy software suite, automating and integrating the information related activities for managing production execution and performance optimization holistically, helping businesses balance the tradeoffs across the many competing priorities of production operations. 

It significantly reduces clerical burden on production and support personnel, while providing a potent manufacturing intelligence environment infused into the operation for tracking and optimizing operating efficiency, energy and resource consumption, product and process quality, environmental and product safety compliance, schedule execution, WIP inventory tracking, genealogy / traceability, and more.

With Proficy Plant Apps, you can:

  • Manage business objectives and drive them into the manufacturing operation, such as: production schedules, work instructions, quality specs, test frequencies, bills of materials, machine set-points, and recipes
  • Track the actual outcomes as they occur, automatically with minimal intrusion on the operators, such as: quality data, process conditions, energy consumption, environmental events, and other adverse situation events, like equipment downtime and waste
  • Monitor conformance and communicate with automated pop-up alarms and emails for fast appropriate response, to prevent and minimize problems to assure compliance and optimum performance
  • Capture details of causes and actions taken related to exceptions, like downtime events, scrap/waste, off- spec quality, schedule deviations, and the like.

Proficy Plant Applications empowers you to truly understand performance down to the individual asset by definitively showing the biggest areas of, and reasons for, productivity losses, such as defects, waste and downtime. Our software translates raw production data into performance metrics that the system monitors automatically and manages constantly; freeing operators from the non-value add work of collecting, logging and interpreting this information manually. Our extensive reporting and analysis tools offer unmatched analytical capabilities to find problems and drive the right activities for performance improvements. And, it gives you the flexibility to evolve your systems yourself – using your own, in-plant personnel to maintain peak plant performance. 

Production Management  – Oversee production operations including functions to control product flow between equipment, develop product genealogy reports and make schedule changes to reduce excess inventory.  

Quality Management  – The Plant Applications Quality module helps you increase product quality by lowering waste, reducing scrap and significantly lowering product recall costs.  

Efficiency Management – Identify and monitor all areas of manufacturing for inefficiencies – downtime, waste and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Perform root cause analyses, historical data summaries, schedule reports and identify your bottlenecks.

Batch Analysis – Off-the-shelf reporting and analysis applications that work with multi-vendor systems to improve overall consistency and quality in batch execution processes. 

With Proficy Plant Apps and the rest of the Proficy Suite:

Proficy Historian is a high performance source of raw data for Plant Apps, reliably collecting and archiving tremendous volumes of continuous data from many sources

Proficy iFIX, and Cimplicity provide a means of Flexible GUI for Plant Apps – and via web browser when combined with Proficy WebSpace or GlobalView

Proficy Portal provides sophisticated views and graphics for web-based monitoring and analysis of data and information from a wide variety of disparate systems and contexts

Proficy DataMart consolidates data from multiple Plant Apps operational databases, leveraging OLAP and cubes for easier to build and better performing custom reports for the enterprise

Proficy WorkFlow leverages “actionable intelligence” into “intelligent action”, for more directed interaction with people, and systems

Proficy Open Enterprise, based on Proficy WorkFlow, is the new way for ERP integration with Plant Apps, replacing Enterprise Connector

Proficy Scheduler provides finite capacity scheduling tools to help planners interactively optimize production schedules for Plant Apps

Proficy Maintenance Gateway enables Plant Apps to automatically trigger and track maintenance work orders in MAXIMO and SAP EAM/CMMS systems

Proficy Troubleshooter and Cause+ provide additional real-time insight into process relationships to help optimize and balance key parameters

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