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INS3 helps Manufacturers through Digital Transformation

Together we align your operational digital transformation with Industry 4.0 by modernizing and choosing innovative solutions and technologies to drive your performance. INS3 provides a phased path forward and gives you the freedom to innovate incrementally.

Unlock the power of data transformation and streamline your operations with our automated solutions. Say goodbye to manual data entry and paper clutter as we convert your raw data into actionable insights, delivering tangible business value.

Data Infrastructure

Design services to connect to your machines, collect data, store the data, and deliver information to the appropriate people, or systems.

MES & Manufacturing Intelligence

Implement data driven systems that solve manufacturing issues like quality, efficiency, downtime, scheduling, consumption and connects to ERP and more.

OT Cyber Security

Protect your industrial OT devices with purpose-built security. INS3 provides protection for any OT device running any IP protocol with our industrial cyber security services.

Data and SCADA Modernization

Upgrade and migrate existing SCADA systems, get them on new servers and OS’s, and move to a more modern architecture.

Data Analytics

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging Big Data, IIOT, and Industrial Data Analytics for manufacturing.

Consulting and System Integration

We use our proven Discovery and Pathfinder Consulting processes to identify opportunities to leverage plant floor data and diagnose gaps keeping you from meeting your operational goals.

How We Work

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Our Discovery Process

Our discovery process begins with a meeting with key stakeholders where we delve deeper into your business challenges, and discuss potential solutions. Next, we schedule and complete a Plant Walkthrough and/or a Working Session, depending on your unique situation. The results of the Plant Walkthrough are summarized in a Discovery Report, and together we decide on the next steps. Typical next steps can include one or more of the following: A Pathfinder Consulting engagement for companies to further investigate project definition and justification OR a Range of Magnitude quote for specific project OR pilot with one of our Rapid Deployment Solutions for quick proof of concept.The goal is to be clear on what needs to be done, timing, cost and expected results..

System Integration for Digital Transformation
System Integration for Digital Transformation

Our Customers

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We are a dedicated team of technology experts committed to delivering significant business results for our customers!

Experience Counts

INS3 enables smart manufacturing by bringing together people, process, technology and value-added solutions. In a world that demands better products and more sustainable processes, INS3 gives you the freedom to innovate in the path towards digital transformation.

Boost Success, Minimize Costs

INS3's team of engineers uses practical and efficient technology to deliver optimized results. Our proven solutions lead to increased profitability and reduced operational expenses.

Enhance Operational Efficiencies

We understand your needs and goals to identify opportunities for improvement. With a focus on peak efficiency, we ensure every system in your plant operates at its best, positively impacting your bottom line.

Mitigate Risks

Automation and operational software are critical for consistent improvement, proactive measures, and issue mitigation. By automating functions, we ensure minimal downtime and peak efficiency for your production.

Optimize Capital Investment

From maintaining consistency and increasing efficiency to eliminating risks and maximizing security, our proven processes deliver fast returns on your investment. Our solutions cut operational costs, increase productivity, and boost profit margins.

Industries Served

Our 2,337+ projects provided superior services to a wide range of clients, drawing on decades of combined experience in various industries. This allowed us to work with the newest technologies and master the legacy software systems.

Our specialists have successfully completed projects, including new automation process software installations and existing system upgrades. Every plant is unique, with different goals and challenges. New or existing automation software, we’ll step in where needed. Our tailored solutions can help improve your operations and achieve your business’ objectives.

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Food & Beverage, CPG

Chemical & Industrial

Manufacturing & Discrete

Energy and Power

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Water & Wastewater

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GE Platinum Certified

NS is proud to announce that our team of Senior Engineers, with over 25 years of experience in iFix, Historian, Plant Application, and various other

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