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At INS3, we specialize in consulting and engineering services for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Manufacturing Intelligence, Data Collection, and Analytics solutions. Our expertise lies in guiding businesses through the transformation into Industry 4.0, ensuring seamless integration of technology and processes.

Why Choose INS3?

We can assist at any stage of your project lifecycle, with a wealth of experience in small or large manufacturing companies and successful projects with leading companies like 3M, Green Bay Packaging, Appleton Papers, Sargento, Algood Foods, CVS, and Unilever, our team carries a unique pedigree in the field. We’re more than just service providers; we’re industry veterans with an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service.

Our services include:

Consulting and Engineering Services

Leveraging our deep understanding of MES solutions, plant floor data collection, and ERP integration, we offer expert consulting to navigate the complexities of Industry.

Customized Information Flow Design

We design and implement tailored information flows, integrating key components such as PLCs, Process Historians, MES, and ERP into a cohesive system.

In-Depth Requirements Analysis

Our method entails a comprehensive assessment of your specific challenges, drawing upon our deep expertise in manufacturing systems to identify opportunities for improvement that deliver optimal business value

Proof of Concept and Pilot Projects

Test the waters with our efficient pilot implementations, demonstrating the practicality and benefits of our solutions before full-scale application.

Comprehensive MES Implementation

From initial concept to full rollout, we offer extensive support in implementing MES systems, ensuring a smooth transition at every stage.

Join our Manufacturing Customers

Join the ranks of top-performing manufacturers who have harnessed the power of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Data Analytics Solutions.

Assessment: Agile MES and Manufacturing Intelligence

Take advantage of our no-cost Agile MES readiness walkthrough and evaluation and see how the implementation of Industry 4.0 cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize your production processes.

Our process involves a no-cost discovery call followed by a no-cost digital walkthrough to evaluate the current state of your manufacturing business or we can home in on one specific area or process MES against Industry 4.0 best practice.

INS3 experts will provide an evaluation of your current manufacturing systems, and identify areas for improvement, Like OEE optimization. production cycles improvement, downtime reduction, and product quality improvement, all while staying within your budget.

The Value of Manufacturing Execution System

Boost Efficiency OEE

Experience operational excellence through precise tracking and real-time monitoring of vital metrics, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), downtime occurrences, waste levels, production counts, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and beyond. Our holistic methodology involves correlating each operational event with its underlying causes and conducting thorough analyses to uncover root issues.

Visibility with Dashboards

Dashboards and Scoreboards Summarize and analyze data by context. Correlate events and reasons to production parameters. Use standard & ad-hoc reports and dashboards for real-time decisions Our Manufacturing Intelligence solutions offer comprehensive visibility into the production process, providing detailed tracking and tracing capabilities for materials, products, and equipment, which can be crucial for regulatory compliance and effective supply chain management.

Reduce Waste

Drive efficiency and reduce waste by gaining clear visibility into data quality and staying informed about recall information. Integrate quality data seamlessly with process data to empower operators, enabling them to make informed adjustments to prevent waste events and minimize errors. Our solution ensures minimal rework and giveaway, optimizing your operations.

Improve Quality

MES improves product quality through real-time trends, statistics, and notifications. It integrates data from manual and automated sources, providing a single, centralized location for process, inspection, and test information. It also supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and allows for attaching operator comments, specifications, recipes, and procedure documents.

ERP Integration

Integrating ERP with the plant floor enhances ERP efficiency with real-time insights. MES to ERP connectivity benefits manufacturing companies of any size, while our survivability modules ensure uninterrupted production during cloud connectivity loss. Our real-time interfaces seamlessly connect with SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and other leading platforms.

Unify Your Data

We believe in working with a data modeling structure to unify your business data. The ISA-95 framework is a good reference for modeling by, Site, Area, Line, Cell to Edge. Once in place this Unified Namespace structure provides a powerful way to access data, structured and unstructured.

Sign up for a working session tailored to Manufacturing Intelligence and learn how to evaluate your data readiness to start your journey towards Industry 4.0 transformation

This workshop offers an interactive working session to evaluate your priority manufacturing issues and data readiness.

We will provide an overview of your data, and business readiness for manufacturing intelligence and the specific areas of improvement that can be realized. You will learn how you can easily transform and manage your data and apply analytics tools to gain valuable insights.

During the workshop we will have an interactive session that explains how your current systems fit and we will identify potential gaps in technology or connectivity.

Schedule a workshop today and learn how manufacturing intelligence solutions can revolutionize your business operations.


This company uses FrameworX as their factory floor software GUI application for order execution and real-time connection to their cloud-based Microsoft D365 ERP

  • Use Microsoft ERP, GE MES, and Tatsoft FrameworX
  • .NET GUI Application Tatsoft Frameworx, 2 Plants, 100+ Clients, One redundant pair per plant
  • Tightly integrated to Microsoft ERP and MES for line efficiency,  order execution, material consumption, label printing, warehouse movements, etc..
  • Actual Consumption, Real time and product losses, Changeover to ERP to better estimate REAL costs.
  • Power of database connectivity and interactive real-time GUI flexibility
  • Plant Survivability Database
  • Dashboards
  • Power of connecting to PLCs
  • Monitor the Quality of Peanuts using process data and ML presented in FX Trends and Reports
CoreM MES manufacturing execution system Software

CASE STUDY: SAP Interface and Scoreboards

This company communicates to SAP S/4HANA with their SCADA and MES systems and uses Tatsoft’s FrameworX to Drive Big Screen Scoreboards with KPIs

  • Company is a Cheese Processor / Packager
  • Products and Specifications are published to a SQL table read by SQL based MES
  • FrameworX GUI and Dashboards communicate in real-time with SQL based MES Event Monitor
  • Converted their SAP to S/4HANA
  • Interface to SAP via XML files and SQL Linked Server
  • Data includes Batch Number, Material Description, Pallet Pattern, etc.
  • Pallet signal from PLC triggers insert via XML
  • Beginning a project with Advanced Analytics based on data collected in GE Proficy Plant Applications
  • Line Efficiency, Operator Efficiency, Giveaway
  • ERP/Warehouse/MES/Historian System Coordination
ignition mes software

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