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INS3 is a leading solution partner of modern SCADA Software, Process Data Historians and Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions. We deploy new or upgrade and rearchitect your existing SCADA systems with minimal downtime and maximum data availability. With our expertise in automation technology, remote monitoring, industrial control systems, and industrial software solutions, we help you achieve process optimization and production visibility.

Manufacturing Edge Data

Continuous monitoring, collecting, and analysis of real-time data, with features including, data modeling, real-time alerts, predictive analytics, and visualization to make informed decisions feed data where needed.

SCADA Modernization

Upgrade your legacy SCADA system to the latest revision or technology for improved performance and reliability. We can get this done quickly and cost effectively. Our team will assess your current system and recommend the best solutions to future-proof your operations. 


Want to extend the functionality of your SCADA HMI systems without the cost and hassel of a big MES initiative? We have extensive experience with core MES modules for downtime, OEE, scheduling, quality management, and ERP connectivity.


Protect your SCADA system from potential cyber threats with our advanced security services. We'll conduct thorough assessments, implement robust security technologies, and provide ongoing consulting to safeguard your critical infrastructure.


With powerful extensibility and support for scripting and HTML5, you can tailor your SCADA systems enabling you to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. We specialize in creating communication drivers and delivering interfaces for various systems and data formats.

Data Analysis

Leverage the power of your machine data through time-series data and advanced analytics. We assist in identifying patterns, trends, and areas needing improvement. This enables you to make informed decisions and optimize your processes for better efficiency and productivity. Custom trending tools are available for most data sources.

No-Cost Evaluation: SCADA, HMI And/Or Historian Software

INS3 offers a complimentary Evaluation of your existing SCADA, HMI and/or Historian systems:

  • Start with a quick 30-minute Discovery Web Meeting
  • Onsite walkthrough visit (if possible)
  • Our Engineers review current system details
  • Create a plan to fit your needs
  • Provide options with cost estimates
  • Complete Project and Provide Results, like:
    • Updated SCADA, OS, and
    • Architecture
    • Standardize and develop disaster recovery plan
    • Implement data and alarm management
    • Model-based and high-performance HMI
    • Better data access for Analytics
System Integration for Digital Transformation
System Integration for Digital Transformation
System Integration for Digital Transformation

Our Services

Modernize Your SCADA

We can upgrade your current systems SCADA modernization solutions to help you stay ahead of the game in competitive industrial market.

By partnering with INS3, you benefit from our extensive knowledge, expertise, and our smart manufacturing solutions, as well as our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet your needs. We can help you improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase productivity, and operational efficiency all while staying within your budget.

Process Historians

Get what you need from a Historian. A secure time-series database, with great trending and reporting a great cost.

KPIs and Metrics

We specialize in event detection and data aggregation to generate the multitude of KPIs driving your business forward. Our real-time delivery ensures prompt access to these KPIs and alerts, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly.

Data Collection Now

Effortlessly relay critical data to scoreboards and dashboards, enabling prompt action by your team. Whether it's displayed on floor TVs, mobile devices, or any other platform, our solutions ensure seamless delivery of actionable information, empowering your workforce to take immediate action.

Alarms and Notifications

Multiple alarm levels, logging, and scripting capabilities, with notifications via email and SMS. The system acknowledges alarms, displays them, and requires from the user to take action. All actions are automatically logged for auditing purposes.

Manufacturing Events

Easily create manufacturing events for downtime, OEE, batch events, waste events to tack, report, and notify based on key events.

Trending Analysis

Flexible trending and data analysis from any historian. Auto discover tags and asset frameworks. Reusable symbols and components.

Sign Up for a SCADA and Data Historian workshop a detailed working session tailored to your plants Data Readiness for your journey towards Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Discover the Power of Modernized SCADA and Data Historian Systems and how they can be the foundation for Industry 4.0 initiatives. Request a SCADA and Data Historian workshop to evaluate your current data collection systems and pave the way for a future-ready infrastructure. Learn how other manufacturing companies are harnessing real-time data to optimize their processes and stay competitive in the Industry 4.0 era.

In this interactive working session, we’ll guide you through our efficient assessment process, tailored to your specific systems. We’ll help you identify opportunities to enhance data collection by leveraging your existing technology and integrating cutting-edge software solutions. Not just about technology we will discover areas where data visibility can improve efficiency and deliver business results.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your data collection capabilities and improve your operations. Sign up for our SCADA and Data Historian workshop today!

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