About Us

INS has spent years providing our manufacturing and industrial clients with best-in-class solutions to improve overall business performance. By recognizing our clients have individual needs we have successfully applied thousands of software, hardware and training solutions that are focused on collecting, coordinating and synchronizing industrial information throughout the entire enterprise.

INS3 was founded in 1990 to supply customers with scalable factory software solutions that deliver increased productivity and ROI from the plant floor and throughout the enterprise.

Our focus today is the same. And as technology has advanced, our solutions too have advanced and we continue to leverage off-the-shelf technology to deliver the right solution to our customers. Those solutions collect, distribute, control and provide actionable information from the plant floor, from the control center, or from the remote location and deliver it to the right people, at the right time, and to most any device. 

Industry & Technology Specialists

  • 29+ MES, MOM, Operational Mgmt
  • 25+ Connectivity & Automation
  • 18+ Mfg Engineering, IT Programming
  • 24+ Information Mgmt, Project Mgmt
  • 20+ IT, Electrical Engineering
  • 19+ Data Architect
  • 25+ Information Mgmt, Project Mgmt
  • 20+ Mfg Engineering, IT Programming
  • 18+ Connectivity, Project Mgmt
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