Testimonials and Case Studies


"We achieved significant cost savings through reduction of water and raw material usage."

"Our material utilization improved more than 6%, saving millions of dollars monthly."

"... saw six digits savings reducing lost production time"

"Production rates and first-pass yield have both improved since we started using the data"

"We eliminated our manual tracking of KPI's and improved the time-to-decision."

"... added 8.5 million pounds of capacity by eliminating short-run, unprofitable customers."

"Our investment enabled improved performance, efficiencies, and lowered cost."

"Having the information now viewable in our mobile devices, enabled timely decision-making capacity."

"Using data to manage in real-time instead of reacting improved our Rate of Return."

"... better manage capacity * utilization, because we were using real-time information."

"Achieved improvements in Quality through better reporting of issues to anticipate impact."

"No doubts, integration and information sharing improved performance."

"Getting closer to the information, allowed us to become a more viable business."

"... with automatically reporting batch variables to quality, we now address issues proactively."

"Better visibility and tracking of metrics helped to justify a new business unit for us."

"... reduced cost and error my moving from paper based records to eletronic."

"We were able to meet increased demand by getting more capacity from existing machines."

"Tighter monitoring of the process allowed us as management to maximize yield and optimize quality."

"We saw immediate double digit improvement in efficiency when we started monitoring."