FrameworX and FactoryStudio by Tatsoft

INS3 is a certified Tatsoft Integrator and experts in FrameworX and FactoryStudio.

FrameworX™ enables you to connect, collect, and visualize all your real-time data on any device, to anyone, anywhere. Create industrial strength applications without limitations. Out-of-the-box, it comes complete with all the tools you need in one designer.

The product family and flexible server licensing means you choose exactly what you need from Edge / Gateway up to FrameworX Unlimited, perpetual or subscription. Easily rightsize your application based on server size and functionality.

Why INS3 can help you get more value from your Tatsoft software?

Choosing INS3 ensures expertise, rapid assessment, tailored solutions, and comprehensive integration services for your Tatsoft Software SCADA and MES projects.

Expertise in FrameworX Platform

Certified engineers and years of successful experience ensure effective handling of complex SCADA and MES projects.

Quick Needs Assessment

Streamlined discovery process with quick web meetings and onsite visits for rapid system evaluation.

Make FrameworX do what you need

Customized plans to meet specific requirements, including cost estimates and timelines.

Integration with MES and/or ERP

Seamless integration with MES and ERP systems for enhanced functionality and data visibility.

Advanced Functionality

Incorporation of advanced features like data analytics and predictive maintenance to optimize processes.

Machine and Equipment Integration

Connectivity to any machine or device for comprehensive monitoring and control.

Proven Track Record

History of successful projects with leading companies, ensuring high-quality solutions.

Commitment to Industry 4.0

Modernizing SCADA systems with cutting-edge technologies for future-ready operations.

Own Cost Effective MES

CoreM is a agile configurable cost effective MES that is well integrated with Ignition.

MES for FrameworX

Our solution, CoreM, works with FrameworX to accesses production data from across your plant and integrates with various systems, including PLCs, sensors, manual records, spreadsheets, ERP, and more. This diverse data is transformed into actionable events, each containing detailed information such as conditions, start and end times, quantities, reasons, root causes, and necessary actions.

CoreM enhances this data by providing context, such as shift details, process order information, and SKU specifics. It aggregates and analyzes this information, detecting significant events and transforming them into actionable insights. By recording and analyzing all data, CoreM enables informed decision-making.

Furthermore, the recorded data can be stored in a data lake and combined with other enterprise data for advanced analytics such as AI and ML. This integration optimizes the entire enterprise, leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

CoreM™ Agile MES and Manufacturing Intelligence ins3
CoreM MES manufacturing execution system Software

Key Features

FrameworX includes everything you need to develop industrial applications for your industry, no need to buy additional modules FrameworX and FactoryStudio – it comes with symbols and components, PLC drivers, OPC UA, MQTT as well as a Built-In SQL database and more. Security, Alarms and Alerts, C#, VB.NET, Python, Audit Trail Anything, Tools for Diagnostics.

One complete package with everything included. You can do so much with one server and our Unlimited Licensing. 

  • Easily create rich user interfaces for thin, web or mobile clients
  • Flexible Scripting and Data Binding to build real-time applications
  • Fast, Secure and Robust designed in to the FrameworX Platform

Build Industrial Applications

At INS3, we empower our customers to maximize their investment in FrameworXWe specialize in enriching data with meaningful context, utilizing MES systems like CoreM, Sepasoft, and other platforms.  Alerts, Dashboards, Scoreboards, and delivering the information in real-time to the right people, at the right time, on their devices enables substantial business gains for our customers.  We are extending the platform to integrate with ERP, WMS, and other systems improving every system’s effectiveness


Securely Control, Alert, and Analyze your Processes


Connect to any remote device for easy data access


Gain better Manufacturing Intelligence, track orders, OEE and more


Build Interactive Visual Applications to control your Machines

Mobile & HTML5

One graphic environment – desktop to web


Use our built-in Dashboard Builder for free – WPF or HTML5

Edge Computing

Low cost Edge Computing with secure connection to any Cloud


Connect your plants to your ERP system

Digital Transformation

Evolve operations from analog to digital to Industry 4.0 with one platform

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