Ignition by Inductive Automation

INS3 is a Gold Certified Ignition Integrator, which means we are trained in advanced usage of Ignition, specializing in seamlessly connecting devices, contextualizing data, and delivering vital business insights through customized alerts, dashboards, and scoreboards on your current devices.

Our expertise extends beyond integration, encompassing MES and ERP connectivity to enhance and streamline your operations. At INS3, we do more than just integrate; we optimize your platform experience to its fullest potential.  

Build Industrial Applications

At INS3, we empower our customers to maximize their investment in IgnitionWe specialize in enriching data with meaningful context, utilizing MES systems like CoreM, Sepasoft, and other platforms.  Alerts, Dashboards, Scoreboards, and delivering the information in real-time to the right people, at the right time, on their devices enables substantial business gains for our customers.  We are extending the platform to integrate with ERP, WMS, and other systems improving every system’s effectiveness


Easily control, track, display, and analyze your processes.


Make your data more accessible and efficient with MQTT


Track your production, manage recipes, calculate OEE, and more


Build optimized screens to monitor and control your machinery


Build complex alarming systems with ease and get notifications instantly


Easily create and deliver dynamic, database-driven industrial reports

Edge Computing

Capture and visualize critical data at the remote edge of your network


Empower your teams with better data to make smarter decisions

Digital Transformation

Evolve operations from analog to digital to Industry 4.0 with one platform

MES for Ignition

Our solution, CoreM, works with Ignition to accesses production data from across your plant and integrates with various systems, including PLCs, sensors, manual records, spreadsheets, ERP, and more. This diverse data is transformed into actionable events, each containing detailed information such as conditions, start and end times, quantities, reasons, root causes, and necessary actions.

CoreM enhances this data by providing context, such as shift details, process order information, and SKU specifics. It aggregates and analyzes this information, detecting significant events and transforming them into actionable insights. By recording and analyzing all data, CoreM enables informed decision-making.

Furthermore, the recorded data can be stored in a data lake and combined with other enterprise data for advanced analytics such as AI and ML. This integration optimizes the entire enterprise, leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

CoreM MES manufacturing execution system Software

Key Features

Unlimited Licensing Model

Add unlimited clients, screens, tags, connections, and devices at no additional cost 

Server-Centric Web-Deployment

Easily deploy clients from a central server at one site, multiple sites, or in the cloud  

Modular Configurability

Use integrated software modules to build any kind of industrial application to fit your processes 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Installs on any major operating system including mobile OSes like iOS and Android 

View on Any Device

Use powerful visualization modules to view clients on any device, including desktops, industrial displays, and mobile devices 

Built on Open Standard Technologies

Based on easy-to-support IT standards like SQL, Python, MQTT, and OPC UA 

Connects to Anything

Connects to any major database and PLC, bridging the gap between IT and OT 

Universal Designer

One integrated development environment to build applications for HMI, SCADA, MES, and more 

Rapid Development and Deployment

Get all your tools in one place so you can build and deploy applications quickly and easily 

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