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Food & Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods

The food & beverage industry, along with consumer package goods make up an array of different products, with many different processes. Those processes can vary widely, but most all depend on specific procedures or recipes to be followed and verified. Variances not captured in time or not reported with urgency, as with all consumer goods, could spell disaster.

Viewing this critical intelligence across product lines, plant locations, or processes could help address an internal problem, before it became a costly product issue. Shortening the transition from awareness to action can be a competitive differentiator.

High Performing Consumer Goods Manufacturers

  • Implement high performance computing and control at the machine level.
  • Integrate systems with analytic tools to enable operators to be more effective and take action.
  • Maintain consistency of product and improve knowledge sharing, via electronic work standards.
  • Ensure inbound quality with track & trace data detailing ingredient history and exposing margin loss.
food and beverage industrial solutions
Food Safety is Profitable

Building a foundation for food safety starts with a good risk management program. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) practices drive the food industry to design out the risks and place good procedural controls around any potential food safety issues that cannot be addressed by engineered solutions.

INS understands the critical business needs of food manufacturers, and we can help you turn food safety initiatives into opportunities that result in increased product quality, end-to-end operational productivity and overall efficiency. 

Our unique combination of in-depth industry experience and proven technology solutions can help your company leverage the commonality between initiatives for safety and process improvement to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. 

food safety industrial solutions
Food Safety Before
food safety industrial solutions
Food Safety After


Utilities face aging infrastructure, declining revenues, increasing regulations, and retiring workers—challenges that require them to plan and work smarter than ever before. But it’s a struggle because often times their information and systems are disconnected.

INS has worked with many major municipal water and wastewater facilities across the Midwest.  We have supplied proven water-wastewater solutions to help drive greater efficiency, consistency and accountability throughout the operation. We leverage the GE Proficy suite of software solutions to devise intelligent water operations that optimize performance and maximize return on investment.

High Performing Utilities

Water/wastewater operations need to address critical challenges while delivering the best return on investment to ratepayers and private sector investors.

 For smarter faster decisions across the utility, operations must be connected to equipment, processes, data and people—anytime and anywhere.

INS and the GE Proficy solutions deliver on this need for water/wastewater customers, optimizing every aspect of operations for high performance in today’s connected world.

water wastewater industrial solutions

Energy and Power

From generation, to delivery, to end-user customers, utility companies rely on software solutions that help keep assets working 24×7 and ensure system integrity under changing regulatory and market complexities.

Maintaining and improving operational reliability and efficiency are also critical. Access to critical information, as well as the flexibility and the ease of integration of these solutions help maximize productivity and quality in utility delivery.

High Performing Utilities 

  • Address replacement of aging SCADA systems
  • Invest in access to reliable data
  • Manage from a consistent picture of utility operation at all times
  • Integrate business data with operations to make efficiency gains
  • Leverage those gains to ultimately lower the cost of  the utility to consumers
energy and power industrial solutions

Chemical and Industrial

For more than two decades, manufacturers have adopted continuous improvement initiatives and focused on OEE (overall equipment efficiency) aimed at raising their yields, making equipment more reliable and reducing waste of material, labor and capital.

Today, leading manufacturers must also conform to strict regulatory compliance and monitoring requirements. Knowing what areas cost you in dollars and in risk is business critical. There is a compelling reason to manage both, beginning on the plant floor. 

High Performing Chemical & Industrial Companies

In order to improve margins, high performing industrial companies are changing focus—from CapEx to OpEx.

Analysts all agree-it’s time to stop making risky investments and pursuing more volume -and time to start controlling costs.  

INS has helped these companies fix the productivity inefficiencies that have grown over the years, while also delivering solutions to help control the safety and compliance challenges these industries continue to face. 

chemistry industrial solutions

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing are arguably some of the tightest controlled processes in existence, harnessed with regulatory compliance requirements and now more than ever – consumer and governmental price pressures. Despite these pressures, new and better life science solutions are being developed for society to improve the treatment of disease, but also to help reduce other health care costs.

Managing these regulatory compliance requirements while maintaining competitiveness and environmental stewardship, requires data intelligence from multiple systems throughout the organization. Leading manufacturers recognize the need to harness this intelligence to actively manage these critical KPI’s.

High Performing Life Science Organizations

These companies invest in solutions for their operation, to provide:

  • Traceability, with insight into product flow by tracking production against specifications, equipment and schedules.
  • Quality, specifically data access and tools to analyze data to maintain the strict quality standards of the industry.
  • Operational Excellence, to improve manufacturing processes while remaining in compliance with regulations.
industrial iot solutions

Discrete & Other Manufacturing

As a complex discrete manufacturer today, you’re part of multi-faceted, fast-moving supply chains in an increasingly global and ­competitive ­environment. Orchestrating the movement of parts and components around the world is an intricate process, especially as constant change becomes the norm.

INS’  production management solution—helps you anticipate, collaborate and orchestrate responses to dynamic operational conditions. And you can do this with greater agility and precision. Solutions can not only provide visibility to key metrics, but also fully digitizes your processes, providing real-time connectivity, operational visibility, and standardization.

High Performing Manufacturers

Better, faster decisions come from visibility across the plant floor systems. INS provides solutions the plant to other enterprise systems.

Manufacturers can then easily collect, track, and report manufacturing intelligence, resulting in:

  • Shorten NPI time to market
  • Leaner product cycles
  • Improved quality processes
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Reduced work in process
manufacturing industrial solutions