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Improve Your Manufacturing Operations

With more than 2300 successful projects over the past 30 years we can also help you improve your operations.

We Can Help You Improve...

Quality Management

Ensure safety and product integrity by integrating LIMS with real-time process data

Cost Control

Reduce costs through increased throughput and reduced labor by automating processes and decision making in real-time

Improved Efficiency

Increase OEE and decrease downtime by optimizing operations with data-driven information

Enhanced Traceability

Ensure comprehensive traceability for regulatory compliance and quality assurance by recording and tracking data throughout the entire production process


Some of the ​many brands we’ve helped succeed...


Core Practices

Data Infrastructure

ConnectCollect, Store, and Display your data

Connect to machines, PLCs, sensors, and other systems. Collect and store data. Deliver information when and where you need it.

MES / Manufacturing Intelligence

Make better decisions with data from OEE, Downtime, and Track & Trace

Drive improvements using industry standard KPIs. Use data driven systems that help solve common manufacturing issues involving: Downtime, Efficiency, ​Quality, Scheduling, Consumption, and ERP integration.

OT Cybersecurity

Protect and defend operations

Protect your industrial OT devices with purpose-built security. INS3's industrial cybersecurity services can help protect any OT device, regardless of the IP ​protocol in use.

Data & SCADA Modernization

Improve operations by updating your SCADA system

Upgrade or migrate existing systems to newer servers, OS's, protocols, and data-flow architectures

Data Analytics

Solve and predict issues, prescribe solutions, analyze data

Leapfrog the competition by leveraging all available data with intelligent analytics. Utilize the latest tools for industrial data analytics, solve problems faster, and ​even prevent them.

Systems Integration Consulting

Digital Transformation is a journey. We can help create the map, and guide you along the way.

Need help figuring out how to reach your goals? Our time-tested Pathfinder approach will help you identify opportunities for improvement, and reach your goals ​faster than going it alone.


Additional Industry Verticals We Serve

Consumer Packaged Goods


Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Water & Wastewater

Energy / Power

Chemical & Industrial

Journey to Transformation

INS3 provides:

  • Consultation (Find out what to do next and long term)
  • Engineering Services (WE do “what’s next” for you and with you)
  • Training (We show YOU how to do it)

Want to learn more?

Download a copy of our Sample Discovery Report.

That includes:

  • How the Pathfinder Phase works
  • Analysis of Current Systems and Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Opportunities for Improvement
  • Potencial Next Steps

“In partnership with INS we identified key opportunities for improvement, and by utilizing our existing infrastructure we were able to see a significant reduction in the amount of work orders generated.”

- Division Manager

“By focusing the operators on the key metrics they need to ​control and keep at a high level, we are able to see continual ​gains in productivity across our lines, and established a culture of ​driving to be the best.”

- MES Administrator

“The tools [INS3] utilized will help in a continuous improvement journey of saving money with little to no additional investment.”

- SCADA Administrator

INS3 (a.k.a. Industrial Network Systems) is a US-based Industrial Systems Integrator providing manufacturing and industrial customers with consultation, engineering services, training, and time-proven processes matched with state-of-the-art technology

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