About this Partnership

Developed to provide simple, yet powerful, data analytic solutions, the Canary Certified Integrator and Reseller Program empowers partners like INS by giving us the necessary tools to develop, deploy, and support all Canary Labs products.  Industrial Network Systems can offer the Canary Labs products directly to our customers and have full access to Canary technical support and engineering staff.

“Canary Labs is a great fit for our customers and give us more capabilities to deliver analytic solutions,” Bob Clark, Director of Operations for INS. “Most of our solutions to solve our customers’ problems start with Data Collection. If they do not have something in place, Canary is a great place to start them on their journey to cost savings through Analytics. The data storage speed and volume of Canary gives the flexibility we need, while data retrieval is optimized for visualization and data analysis.  We are in the process of developing the integrations necessary for our key customers’ advanced MES and application needs. In just a couple of months, we will be delivering our downtime and OEE solutions with the Canary Labs Historian.”

Harry McCollum, President of INS, said “I have known the Canary guys for years and they have always had great software with excellent customer support. They have come a long way and are really able to compete with some of the bigger players in the market. We are pleased to join the Canary program and look forward to helping our mutual customers by combining our expertise and other technologies with Canary Labs Historian. Canary is an outstanding match for our typical architecture of collect, store, and view / analyze.”

“We are excited to be working with Industrial Network System to help our mutual customers get even more out of their process data by providing analytics and visual applications that drive business results,” explained Jeff Knepper, Executive Director of Sales.  “INS3’s background and expertise in device connectivity, Manufacturing Intelligence, and Data Analysis is an ideal fit for Canary Labs’ market leading process data software.”

About Canary Labs

Since 1985 Canary Labs has provided industry leading data historian and trending solutions.  Currently used in 49 countries around the globe, Canary has over 17,000 installations of its software.  Canary technology is renowned for its powerful proprietary database, allowing for millions of reads or writes per second and years of time-series data storage without the need to manage or purge the database.  Trending and dashboarding are made possible through Axiom, a simple, yet powerful tool available on all platforms, including tablet and smartphone.