Get Access to Actionable Information

Benefits of Getting Access to Actionable Information in Real-Time

Information at a Glance: Dashboards can present a wide number of different metrics in a single consolidated view, bringing visibility of all systems across an enterprise.

Real-Time Information Tracking: Dashboards are driven off of current data in real-time or near real-time, allowing individuals to view and react to business metrics and trends and quickly respond to issues and opportunities.

Customizable to Different Management Levels: Views can be customized to each individual user based on their roles/needs. An executive could receive a complex graph of company productivity, while the floor manager may need productivity specifics broken down by section, and the operator may want to see their line’s specific details for the week. 

Change Management:
 Targeted views can aid in change management and adoption of your corporate initiative, showing an individual’s impact to the overall goal.

Replacing Paper-based Systems & Mobile Data Collection:
 Dashboards/mobile data can reduce or eliminate the use, storage and disposal of costly paper-based systems. Incorporating mobile collection devices into your solution helps reduce or eliminate the lag time in collecting necessary data.

Visibility of Trends:
 Trending is an invaluable tool when watching constant, real-time data. Over time, individuals will be able to see the trending of data, allowing them to make informed decisions, identify and correct negative trends.

diagram for industrial data visualization
Anytime, Anywhere & On Most Any Device
  • Online Reporting
  • Dashboards & Portals
  • Scoreboards
  • Mobile Devices

Automation Reporting to Any Device

  • SCADA Reporting
  • Easily connects to automation and industrial systems
  • Real-time connectivity to SCADAs, HMIs, PLCs, and databases
  • As an online solution, can still produce a PDF, Excel, along with Web or Database output

Automation Reporting across the Operation 

Automation, reporting and data analysis is designed specifically for reporting from industrial automation. Solutions Include connectors into most all popular automation platforms, including GE Intelligent Platforms, with direct interfaces for Proficy® HMI/SCADA – iFIX, Proficy HMI/SCADA – CIMPLICITY.

Solutions are flexible and…

  • Fit reporting needs in discrete, hybrid and process automation markets.
  • Are configurable, leveraging a library of pre-built report templates.
  • Provide dynamic filtering and navigation..
  • While proprietary and not easily customized, will not require any programming skills to generate reports
  • Leverages all real-time, historic, and business data sources.
  • Delivers a Web Portal enabling you to see reports and interact with them.
  • Mobile aware and will enable you to view in either Mobile form or full PC form, depending on device.

Communication Flexibility

Historian & Reporting

Historians, by themselves are good at connecting islands of information, trending and archiving, but not good for extended reporting.  When that need arises, you need a reporting tool.

INS solutions for Extending Historian Reporting allow aggregation of data from live process data, but also historical process data, as well as from databases in other areas of the organization, while offering the flexibility and capability of more customized reporting.

  • Reports can be delivered  – on demand, periodically (daily, weekly, etc.) or by “triggers.” 
  • Reports are browser-based so can be viewed from any device.
  • Tools allow someone familiar with SQL Server Reporting Services and historians to easily produce more customized reports for the organization.
  • Solutions work seamlessly with Proficy Historian as an extended reporting tool, when standard views or functionality of Proficy Historian Analysis tools do not meet the need.
  • Have flexible time definitions allowing any report to be set up with any interval.
  • Maintain full drill-down capabilities.
  • Provide powerful data aggregation at runtime; with no aggregated data stored.
  • Export options include PDF, Excel or can also be exported into Proficy Scheduler. 

Leveraging BI for Manufacturing

Manufacturing data collected from the plant floor is typically higher in volume and exhibits much more granularity when compared to other business intelligence. BI for Manufacturing provides the opportunity to integrate enterprise data, with manufacturing data sources for the enterprise.

To achieve business intelligence for manufacturing, information between people (most importantly operators) and systems must be achieved. 

What Enterprise Reporting Will Provide

  • Real time integration of enterprise data, with manufacturing data sources from, multiple plants
  • KPIs that can be calculated and visualized, starting from individual resources, aggregating up to the factory level
  • Ability to analyze correlations between various production tasks from different functions, from different perspectives and across different locations
  • Assurance that all necessary data is secure and readily available to the enterprise in support of regulatory compliance

Scoreboards & Dashboards

Scoreboards and dashboards can bring visibility to an enterprise’s key performance indicators (KPIs), providing a powerful means to capture and monitor operational information. They illuminate your business by providing consolidated views of key metrics that show a real-time snapshot of an enterprise’s performance. This visibility can allow executives, managers, operators and other employees at any level of the organization to monitor the health, address the issues and sieze the opportunities, as they present themselves, in real-time; enabling decision-making closer to the event, resulting in a more impactful decision.

INS’ expertise is in our ability to collect data from most any source, store it and then provide our customers an effective visualization of that data so they can effectively monitor the impact. A great way to effectively render that data, via a flat panel screen, a laptop, or a mobile device is in a dashboard, or scoreboard format.

industrial data visualization
Plant Display Scoreboard
plant applications
Smartphone Display
plant applications ge proficy
iPad & Notebook Display

Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI)

Availability of data isn’t a problem in industry. The problem is filtering out a lot of noise to find the data you need, getting it into the right hands and determining the right course of action.

Real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) is an emerging industrial discipline that empowers businesses to intelligently transform vast amounts of operational data into actionable information — accessible anywhere, anytime, especially on tablets and smartphones.

Bringing RtOI to Life for Managers

RtOI solutions intelligently collect vast amounts of raw data from disparate systems and plants across an entire business and transforms it into powerful performance indicators.

Not just metrics — actionable metrics, delivered to the right place, at the right time, in real time. With RtOI, managers can know if production falls behind before it becomes a problem. They can see the true efficiency of their operations, and know where they need to improve. And they can access their systems from within their business network or on the go — and make the right decisions that drive the right results.

Bringing RtOI to Life for Operators

RtOI solutions intelligently turn vast amounts of raw data from your entire control room into actionable insight, delivered to the right place, at the right time, in real time.

Enhance operators’ abilities by providing the data they need from their SCADA, PLCs and other intelligent devices in an organized fashion — via the web or instantly on a mobile tablet or smartphone.

With a secure view of processes from anywhere, operators can take immediate action when needed.

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