INS Customer Care Program

The INS Customer Care Program is the quintessential system health-check service and support program for all your SCADA information and manufacturing system needs.

Just like you maintain your personal health to head off complications and avoid the risks of a catastrophic illness; so too you need to manage the health of your manufacturing systems, optimizing them to perform at their best and avoiding the risk of an issue as situations, system environments and technology change.

The INS Customer Care Program does not replace your GE Global Care support; rather it augments it by adding application consulting and enhancements to your software coverage.  Either with GE Global Care, or as a stand-alone support program, the INS Customer Care Program offers Health Coaching, along with other services including Urgent Care; System Health Checks; Remote Monitoring; and System Exercise.

Since you rely on the information your manufacturing systems provide, it is important to have a team of professionals like the INS team there to support you and your systems, and to meet the complex needs of manufacturers today.

How It Works

The INS Customer Care Program takes into consideration a manufacturer’s unique needs with respect to application, system and environmental differences; and allows customers to use purchased hours in the program for a specific service, on an as needed basis. 
Minimum 40 hours for initial program purchase; with additional hours available in blocks of 10 hours. 

  • Hours do not persist beyond end of policy period.
  • Periods can be constructed quarterly or annually.

Available Services

    • HEALTH COACHING – Process  evaluation, consultation and application optimization.
    • SYSTEM HEALTH CHECKS – Recommendations for path forward to a new operating system, upgrades, or architectures; intended to reduce overall cost of ownership.
    • REMOTE MONITORING – Monitoring of SCADA Servers, database server stack, etc. and reporting (frequency determined in advance) to the customer.
    • EXERCISE – Customer specific, application specific or customizable training & instruction.
    • URGENT CARE – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week; with a 30 minute or less response time.   This service is available for an extra set-up fee, in addition to the hours consumed.