Technology Partners

Ignition by Inductive Automation can seamlessly collect all your data, design any kind of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy clients to anyone, anywhere.

Industrial Network Systems can offer the Canary Labs products directly to our customers and have full access to Canary technical support and engineering staff.

Industrial IoT and Smart Manufacturing are important industries for HiveMQ and MQTT adoption as a solution to modernize.

FactoryStudio is a powerful platform to develop and deliver applications managing real-time and historical information.

Industrial Network Systems’ partnership with GE Intelligent Platforms combines to offer a complete array of support services to help you attain the highest value possible from your technology investments.

Movilitas is a trusted SAP partner for digital supply chain transformation, that helps businesses realize new growth opportunities, adapt to today’s on-demand economy and maintain compliance.

As a Microsoft Partner, INS has the ability too leverage a wide variety of  tools, training, and technical support to assist us in providing solutions to our customers, on Microsoft platforms.

The Tempered Networks solution facilitates the provisioning and management of secure, private overlay networks. 

Kepware is the world leader in development of OPC Servers, communication drivers and tools that communicate to controllers, I/O and field devices.

Win911 is the most widely used alarm notification software for the Automation Industry.


Ignition for SCADA, IIoT and MES. INS3 is a certified Ignition integrator and deliver end-to-end SCADA, MES and IIoT systems using powerful Ignition platform. Ignition is server software that acts as the hub for everything on your plant floor for total system integration.  No matter what brand, model, or platform, it talks to your plant-floor equipment just as naturally as it talks to SQL databases, seamlessly bridging the gap between production and IT.

The Ignition modules can be divided into three layers:

Platform Layer

Platform Layer provides a number of core functions to all modules, including OPC-UA Client, Database, Web Server, System Logging, Licensing, Unified Development Environment, Auditing, Authentication, Module API, Alerting Core Functionality, Database Connectivity, Scripting Engine, Realtime Tag Database, Store & Forward and Redundancy.

HMI/SCADA Designer Module Layer

HMI/SCADA Module Layer contains most of the main components of the platform, Perspective and Vision are the main visualization modules, SQL Bridge as bidirectional OPC-to-SQL database historian and transaction manager, Mobile for access to HTML 5 compatible devices, Reporting for automated reports, and others.

MES Integrate with your MES

Use Ignition to Integrate with your MES or use INS’s extensive experience in MES to recommend and deliver a solution. One solution is Ignition’s MES partner, Sepasoft, MES solutions integrated with Ignition SCADA are designed to provide OEE / Downtime, Quality Management, Track and Trace, Batch Reporting, and ERP Connectivity. INS has integrated MES systems to many ERPs including but not limited to SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Siteline.

Canary Labs

Developed to provide simple, yet powerful, data analytic solutions, the Canary Certified Integrator and Reseller Program empowers partners like INS by giving us the necessary tools to develop, deploy, and support all Canary Labs products.  Industrial Network Systems can offer the Canary Labs products directly to our customers and have full access to Canary technical support and engineering staff.

“Canary Labs is a great fit for our customers and give us more capabilities to deliver analytic solutions,” Bob Clark, Director of Operations for INS. “Most of our solutions to solve our customers’ problems start with Data Collection. If they do not have something in place, Canary is a great place to start them on their journey to cost savings through Analytics. The data storage speed and volume of Canary gives the flexibility we need, while data retrieval is optimized for visualization and data analysis.  We are in the process of developing the integrations necessary for our key customers’ advanced MES and application needs. In just a couple of months, we will be delivering our downtime and OEE solutions with the Canary Labs Historian.”


Industrial IoT and Smart Manufacturing are important industries for HiveMQ and MQTT adoption. There is a clear need in these industries to modernize their software infrastructure to enable new factory processes like predictive maintenance, flexible manufacturing and remote asset management. MQTT and HiveMQ are receiving a lot of interest from these industries as a solution to modernize.

In IIoT, partners are key to being successful, since potential customers look for a total solution that includes hardware, software and system integration. This is why we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with INS3, which has deep experience in IIoT deployments.

“Data acquisition and storage are at the center of importance to the solutions we deliver to our customers.. Our applications need high performance and reliable transfer of the data,” says Bob Clark, Director of Operations for INS3. “We are pleased about the partnership with HiveMQ. With their proven MQTT-based messaging platform we can create fast and cost-efficient IIoT applications for our customers”. We are currently working with several companies testing the deployment of 10,000 plus devices and HiveMQ’s performance is excellent. HiveMQ Extension Framework enable us to deliver integration to any existing enterprise system, the framework provides an open API that is ultra-flexible.”


FactoryStudio is a powerful platform to develop and deliver applications managing real-time and historical information, built from the ground-up with the latest state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee a high ROI and secure operations, from traditional process systems, to IIoT aggregation and Operational Dashboards.

The Tatsoft team, with over 25 years of experience in Real-time Automation and SCADA, has developed FactoryStudio to combine Information Technologies (IT) and Operation Technologies (OT), SCADA and Real-time data to an extent the Automation and Control Industry isn’t accustomed to.

FactoryStudio Example - Assets Overview

The Assets page provides an overview of all operations that are being monitored; the various assets states are shown with their respective status color on the map. The Overview is extensible customizable including:

  • Use TreeView or Hierarchical ComboBoxes to easily access group of assets by various dynamics categories (as demonstrated on this video).
  • DataGrid View for a comprehensive table with assets and status.
  • Overlay weather information or other information on the map.
  • Layouts, menus and dashboards are completely customizable.
  • Selecting asset can open custom Popup operations, drive connects for connected displays, zoom and position map.
industrial data visualization

GE Digital

To succeed, businesses today must be able to rely on more than just a product solution. From superior technical support, to proper implementation of your technology and training where and when you need it most, the services you receive are every bit as important as the products you put into your facility. We are experts in iFix, Historian and Proficy Plant Applications.
Industrial Network Systems’ partnership with GE Intelligent Platforms combines to offer a complete array of support services to help you attain the highest value possible from your technology investments. As the GE Intelligent Platforms software representative covering the Midwest and Plains States, we are your point of contact for Proficy software as well as:

GlobalCare: Technical Support & Maintenance
Comprehensive offerings to support the full range of your hardware, software and machine tool requirements. Our unique support solutions provide the tools, resources and experience you need to be successful.

Training Services
A flexible family of services that provides hands-on training in the location, format and style that suits you best.

Project & Engineering Services

You are under constant pressure to find new ways of improving performance and efficiency throughout your operations. GE Intelligent Platform’s Project and Engineering Services network is dedicated to helping you do that, with advanced engineering solutions to meet your greatest manufacturing and business challenges.

Field Services
A fast, reliable on-site engineering support system designed to get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Minds & Machines 2015

Jeff Immelt (GE CEO) discusses the future vision for GE and the Industrial Internet at their annual conference.

GE iFix – Intelligent solutions for an industrial world

GE iFix or Proficy iFIX is a full featured SCADA Software that collects industry data and delivers the information directly to operators, managers and others in the company who need data. The result is better control and monitoring. With this information, managers and staff can make the right decisions faster. Get data presented through a modern graphical user interface, with menus and colors taken from Windows 10. The solution is adapted to work with the latest in HMI / SCADA: High Performance HMI .

The GE iFIX Workspace operator tool contains many components with different functions. Among other things, you can see trends with the trend component Trend View and map alarms in the alarm component Alarm Analysis. It gives you an overview of the ability to zoom in and out, and makes it easier to understand and work with the information you see. This makes Proficy iFIX a very powerful troubleshooting tool.


  • Full overview of production in real time. Opportunity to exchange information with users throughout the company.
  • Advanced client / server architecture for flexible input and output.
  • Web-based application development. Avoid restarting and closing operations.
  • Possibility to connect the factory floor system to production systems (MES) and business systems (ERP).
  • Integrate with other Proficy products from GE Digital, IDUS maintenance systems or other.
  • Extensive reporting and alarm handling.
  • Access to historical data for analysis. Planning is based on events.
  • Graphical user interface with high-performance HMI.
  • Access from PC, mobile and tablet.
  • Built on existing hardware and software systems.

Technical information

The following programs and systems are supported:

  • GE Historian Essential database.
  • ActiveX and .net Control Support.
  • Secure Containment for ActiveX and .net Controls.
  • Embedded Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  •  iClientTS for Terminal Services, Webspace (HTML5) and thin client connections.
  • Advanced 21 CFR Part 11 for Medicines and Food.


Movilitas is a technology leader delivering the next generation of solutions and consulting services across multiple industries to advance smart supply chain ecosystems. They are recognized as a trusted SAP partner for digital supply chain transformation, that help businesses realize new growth opportunities, adapt to today’s on-demand economy and maintain compliance. Through services, such as Movilitas.Cloud, or extensions and accelerators for SAP solutions, their clients unlock data to realize greater efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Movilitas applies industry and project experience to help companies from all industries around the globe innovate with smart technologies. The outcome is a digital supply chain transformation that powers the connected economy for a safer and smarter future.

Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Partner, INS has the ability to leverage a wide variety of tools, training, and technical support to assist us in providing solutions to our customers, on Microsoft platforms. Whether the solution needs include SQL and SSRS for data reporting; or a web front-end design of a dashboard or scoreboard, our Microsoft partnership has enabled INS to be best prepared to meet those customer needs, delivering solutions via desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or display screen. 

Our partnership with Microsoft, is intended to benefit our customers:

  • Advanced knowledge of Windows updates and patches, and suggestions when potential impact to developed solutions or software exist, so as to minimize that impact
  • Assurance to our customers that our technical staff are well trained with the required technical skills to meet the MS standards
  • Solutions are developed with knowledge that our technical staff have access to all the MS tools, software, and resources necessary to deploy a solid solution on the Microsoft platform
  • First hand knowledge to share with customers of features and capabilities for the latest Microsoft software

Reporting Services (SSRS)

SQL Server Reporting Services provides a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help you create, deploy, and manage reports for your organization. Reporting Services includes programming features that enable you to extend and customize your reporting functionality.

Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform that provides comprehensive reporting functionality for a variety of data sources. Reporting Services includes a complete set of tools for you to create, manage, and deliver reports, and APIs that enable developers to integrate or extend data and report processing in custom applications. Reporting Services tools work within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment and are fully integrated with SQL Server tools and components.

With Reporting Services, you can create interactive, tabular, graphical, or free-form reports from relational, multidimensional, or XML-based data sources. Reports can include rich data visualization, including charts, maps, and sparklines. You can publish reports, schedule report processing, or access reports on-demand. You can select from a variety of viewing formats, export reports to other applications such as Microsoft Excel, and subscribe to published reports. The reports that you create can be viewed over a Web-based connection or as part of a Microsoft Windows application. 

SQL Server

Industrial Network Systems has extensive experience in leveraging the power of Microsoft SQL Server and the related reporting solution SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

SQL Server is the foundation of Microsoft’s comprehensive data platform, It allows us to deliver data for mission-critical applications, using in-memory technologies, faster insights from any data source.  It also allows data visualization in familiar tools like Excel and is a resilient platform for building, deploying, and managing solutions that also include the cloud.

INS, along with Microsoft understand that being able to successfully deploy and leverage your SQL Server databases, either on-premises and/or in the cloud, is critical to business. As a Microsoft partner, INS can offer guidance and tools or even deploy SQL Server in your organization. Whatever level of knowledge you have about SQL Server or SSRS, INS can assist you in leveraging this technology.

Tempered Networks

The Tempered Networks solution facilitates the provisioning and management of secure, private overlay networks. The product suite consists of 3 tightly integrated components: 

  • HIPswitch Conductor™ – a scalable orchestration engine
  • HIPswitches – industrial and data-center grade security appliances
  • SimpleConnect™ – management console and user interface

 The Tempered Networks solution is a foundational component in a defense-in-depth security architecture to provide hardened, resilient networks. 

SimpleConnect allows plant engineers to easily implement network segmentation on top of the existing corporate IP network to create private secure environments for their industrial automation networks.

Compared to traditional methods?

Today’s choices for managing security and connectivity for industrial IT networks include: Jump PC (front-end PC), use of a local firewall/NAT router, use of VLANs, and deployment of a parallel network infrastructure. All of these traditional approaches are expensive, brittle, and NOT flexible.

SimpleConnectTM Benefits:
  • Transparent drop-in solution with easy administration allows rapid deployment, which saves costs, decreases time to value and reduces deployment risk.
  • Easily create private networks while eliminating VLANs, which saves labor costs and reduces plant floor downtime.
  • Add wireless connectivity to legacy IP wired-only devices increases flexibility, allowing your plants to change as your manufacturing needs change. This can lead to increased plant yield and an increase in OEE.
  • By having delegated management of the private networks, SimpleConnectTM provides as-needed remote network access, which allows for faster MTTF and an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • SimpleConnectTM provides enterprise-grade security, which reduces security risk and helps provide IT, NERC CIP, and regulatory compliance.
rapid deployment industrial
Deployment Example (Click To Enlarge)

Kepware Technologies

Kepware is the world leader in development of OPC Servers, communication drivers and tools that communicate to controllers, I/O and field devices.

KEPServerEX has the widest range of available “Plug-in”­ device drivers and components for the industrial market with over 100 downloadable drivers that support 1000s of model types. The single, consistent interface of KEPServerEX allows you to truly maximize the promise of OPC. You can add many devices utilizing multiple drivers all within the KEPServerEX interface without worrying about learning new communication protocols or spending time understanding new applications.

The U-CON Protocol Server enables you to quickly and easily develop communications drivers for nearly any serial device or Ethernet device such as a barcode scanner, RFID reader, printer, weigh scale, sensor, or some other industrial device.

CID (Custom Interface Driver) is the ideal solution to quickly and easily add proven interoperability to any of your custom integration projects, from small applications with one deployment, to the delivery of professional packaged for deployment industry wide. The Custom Interface Driver is an additional interface to KEPServerEX, like a communications driver, enabling easy, secure and reliable communications between KEPServerEX and your CID compliant software solution

Proven Interoperability
» Drivers and client connectivity for isolated automation systems.

Centralized Communications
» A single communications platform simplifying communications management.

On Demand Scalability
» Plug-and-play device drivers, client interfaces, and advanced options.

Industrial Strength
» Tested & approved for industrial use.

Win-911 Alarm Notification Software

Win911 is the most widely used alarm notification software for the Automation Industry. With an emphasis on industrial automation, WIN-911 works with your existing control software or SCADA system to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions. With WIN-911, your operators can concentrate on other tasks while your computer system does the monitoring.With direct data connections to the leading HMI/SCADA packages as well as generic OPC and DDE connections, WIN-911 has a connection available to every alarm source.

WIN-911 alarm notification software integrates with most popular SCADA systems to ensure smooth operations.

WIN-911’s SCADA alarm notification software creates a reliable message delivery system. If an industrial process malfunctions, the SCADA system will detect the problem and WIN-911’s alarm notification software will send out notifications to the people who need to know.

Win-911 SCADA Benefits

  • Offers the most seamless and powerful connection available
  • Your SCADA system determines the alarm
  • WIN-911 does the remote alarm notification
  • User can acknowledge the alarms in your SCADA database locally or by text, voice or email

Dream Report

Dream Report™ is a programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed by Ocean Systems, specifically for industrial automation applications.  It is designed to extract data from virtually any source and Dream Report will provide automated reports to anybody, anywhere and anytime.

Built on today’s modern technologies, Dream Report fits for all types of reporting, from compliance reporting to performance, efficiency, and maintenance reporting in discrete, hybrid and process automation markets.  

Why Dream Report

  • It’s the latest technology designed specifically for industry and all vertical markets
  • It’s a configurable solution that doesn’t require any programming or IT skills
  • It leverages all real-time, historic, and business data sources
  • It’s designed for reliability, 24 x 7 x 365
  • It’s secure, encrypted and protected PDF reports and data easily exports to Excel, and more
  • It distributes reports automatically anywhere – web portal, email, file directories, FTP
  • It’s a scalable solution that will fit perfectly with your application
  • And, it’s localized, available in any language you dream in

How Dream Reports Functions

report manager and data logging

ACP ThinManager

ThinManager allows unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment or number of facilities. ThinManager’s thin client architecture allows for deployment of less expensive hardware while giving users the applications and tools familiar to them in a format that reduces management and hardware costs while increasing security.

ThinManager display clients can be generated by a session running on a display server (e.g. a Terminal Server, a shadowed thin client, an image from an IP camera, or VMWare® virtual machines). Administrators can allow multiple user sessions to operate at the same time and each can be viewed and/or controlled directly from ThinManager or from any authorized thin client terminal on the network.

ThinManager renders display clients through a number of different types of thin client hardware available from multiple manufacturers and offers the ability to expand the number of sessions, which can be simultaneously viewed from any designated work station. With ThinManager, our customers realize:

1.  Build on a Multi-Session Core

ThinManager offers technology for IT professionals seeking better security and configuration of their thin client networks. Our MultiSession core technology allows multiple sessions running anywhere on the ThinManager network to be viewed through one thin client.

ThinManager can “tile” these screen views based on your settings. You can dictate which tile shows which session. You can set it to run in screensaver mode so that certain “tiles” are constantly updated with different sessions. Multisession allows you to view displays from different applications on the same monitor.

By acting as a centralized management solution, ThinManager will seamlessly integrate with your current PLC’s and HMI while providing a number of features, tools, and methods of access, which make it simple to monitor and adjust user sessions from anywhere.

2.  Quicker installs with less configuration
No hard drive means no software to install on the Thin Clients. Terminal Server environments allow a single install of each application for use by all connected Clients. Configuration Wizards make setup easier than ever before.

3.  Lower cost
Lower cost CPU, no floppy or hard drives, and less memory means Thin Clients are less expensive.

4.  Less maintenance 
Maintenance is reduced to a few servers in a central location. The constant maintenance of distributed PC operating systems is eliminated with Thin Clients.

5.  Improved At-A-Glance Management
Manage your entire network from ThinManager by viewing all ThinManager Servers and all Terminal Servers in one tree. See which Clients are online and follow graphically the network path from the Clients back to all the servers. Configure and maintain each Client individually in ThinManager, or put the clients into groups, and manage many Clients at once.

6.  Automatic Failover
In the event of a Terminal Server failure, the client will fail over to a back up server and continue working. Imagine the peace of mind this provides. ThinManager allows every Client to be assigned to several Terminal Servers. If the current Terminal Server fails, the Client will switch to another designated Terminal Server, allowing the unit to continue functioning in the event of a server failure.

7.  Instant Fail-over
The Instant Failover Module allows Clients to run sessions on two Terminal Servers simultaneously. If the primary Terminal Server fails, the Client will instantly switch to the waiting session.

8.  Eliminate the 2 a.m. phone call.
Equipment failure is a crisis demanding quick attention. ACP ThinManager allows any ThinManager Ready Thin Client to be replaced by anyone in minutes instead of the hours required for standard Windows PC replacement. We turn down time into your time.